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Public Attributes

camera Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

gboolean acap
int brightness
gboolean cap
gchar * capturefile
int colour
int contrast
GtkWidget * da
gchar * date_format
gboolean debug
int depth
int desk_depth
int dev
CamoramaFilterChain * filter_chain
int frame_number
GConfClient * gc
gboolean hidden
int hue
guint idle_id
unsigned char * image
unsigned char * pic
unsigned char * pic_buf
gchar * pixdir
GdkPixmap * pixmap
gboolean rcap
gchar * rcapturefile
gboolean read
gchar * rhost
gchar * rlogin
gchar * rpixdir
gchar * rpw
int rsavetype
gboolean rtimefn
gboolean rtimestamp
int savetype
gboolean show_adjustments
gboolean show_effects
CamoImageSize size
GtkWidget * status
gboolean timefn
guint timeout_id
guint32 timeout_interval
gboolean timestamp
unsigned char * tmp
GtkStatusIcon * tray_icon
GtkWidget * tray_tooltip
gchar * ts_string
gboolean usedate
gboolean usestring
struct video_mbuf vid_buf
struct video_capability vid_cap
struct video_mmap vid_map
struct video_picture vid_pic
struct video_window vid_win
char * video_dev
int wb
int x
GladeXML * xml
int y

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file v4l.h.

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